Logo, symbol, icon, monogram or pictogram they all play a very major and vital role in developing the personality of the product or service, and to position it in the desired way in to their customers mind. There are billions of logos in the world and the list keeps on expanding with every passing day but still there are some brands who have positioned themselves so well in their customers mind that they can recognize it at first glance even if the name is not mentioned with it, you just look at the logo and immediately identifies the brand or company. So here we have picked up some logos that are most seen and most commonly recognized without even thinking for a second. These logos have played well in the market and have been a  major part in the success of the their brands or services.  Good logos does not need a lot of working or labor but. its the one idea that makes your work when it it goes in the market, you need add that element that could hold on to your customers mind and last forever.


Coca Cola is worlds largest selling soft drink and its origin country is United States, The logo of the company is now a signature mark for Coke. World wide known and easily recognized logo is a calligraphic typography of the name of the soft drink Coca Cola, its corporate colors is red, which again was a very good choice in colors for drink as red arouses the feel of hunger and temptation. One information i wanted to share with you people  that you don’t  find coke in Cuba and North Korea, otherwise it is distributed in more than 500 regions.




McDonalds is one of the biggest food chain around the world and it is known globally through its magnificent and elegant logo design which bares a initial  “M”of the name of the restaurant that is McDonalds . The logo is an identity which speaks for the quality of the food served at McDonalds and it continues to be the best food chain in the world and its logo has played the role amazingly because it is the logo which  has penetrated well into the customers mind and they recognize it immediately, once they see it. Its one of the most recognized logo or symbol in the market around the world. The simple and San serif font clearly depicts the non complexity of the restaurant ‘s serving .


You look at an apple and only one logo pops up into your mind and you automatically start thinking about the mysterious logo of Apple. The logo has gone through several transformations since the time it was first launched in the market. It contained an apple which had multy colored bars on it but presently the logo is much more elegant and classy looking, Apple in black is what the presently looking logo is, the apple is bitten , there are stories relating to the logo that the idea behind this logo was derived from the forbidden apple of Adam and Eve. Whatever the idea was, it has worked well for the company and the logo is one of the most recognized logos of the world today and has penetrated well in to  people’s mind.



Nestle is one of the most largest and leading brands of the world and it know for its varied dairy products like chocolates, milks, juices and fresh juices etc. The logo of the company is again very interacting and very well designed, the  birds sitting on the nest, mother feeding its babies has very emotional appeal in it.The idea behind the logo could probably be  the efforts and determination of the birds that they show and build their nest, similarly the same way the company make efforts with the same determination like the birds and the brings the best for their customers. The logo is depicts the feel of care, effort, determination and love and the company promises the same to their valued customers.



Android is another famous logo now a days and it has manages to penetrate into people;s mind quit brilliantly. It is known for its remarkable turn over that it  managed to bring about in the phones and thus it has gained popularity all around the world. The logo is a mascot in green made with round edged bars. The mascot gives you the feel of being robotic, since its a mascot of an operating software so the idea worked for the company. The green robot with  friendly  looks  shows the friendly user interface of the software and easy understanding.



Walt Disney is not new for anyone out there and it is known for its absolutely outstanding and magical animated feature movies. The absolute feel of magic and fantasy which is found in the Disney movies, exactly the same you get when you look at the its logo. The wonder castle of the Disney and the magical stroke passing over the top of it is just so fantastic and known worldwide. There have been several and continuous f transformations in its logo but it never actually lost its essence and beauty.



Starbucks is probably the most famous and renown coffee house in the world. And its logo is really one of those who drifts your attention towards it. The logo is actually a mermaid with long hair wearing crown and its fin covering all around it with two stars at both sides. The simple and bold font makes the text and message very clear to its viewers plus it is easily readable as well. The color used in the logo is again a very good choice, green s soothing to eyes so it does not disturb you while you stare at the mermaid . The logo is easily recognized no matter where ever you see it. The logo has gone through several transformations as well but again it did not really effect the positioning of the brand or the its perception in the customers mind but it remains to stick to their heads .



Pepsi is another famous company known for its carbonated non alcoholic drinks, the company does not offers you the drinks but you find different products in the product width and line like chips, water and juices. Coming to the logo , Pepsi logo is actually round ball sort of with a curving line passing through it dividing it in two colored portions which is red and blue. The logo again has gone through several transformations but it holds on to its message of feeling young and daring.



Geo television network and its logo has now become really famous around the world. Its the largest television network in Pakistan and is seen in many other countries all around the world. The Chanel has worked really hard and managed to reach the maximum number of its audience and thus a huge count of people has become familiar with its logo and they can easily recognize it where ever they get to see it.



Google is the most famous and highly accessible logo. You see it every day,  for some people all day. There is nothing much to discover about the logo. its simple word written in different colors depicting every field and every query you can come up with because Google searches it all for you. Its world largest search engine and so its logo is. The good thing about the logo is that it keeps on changing and you get to see the playing stuff around it with every changing season or events coming up. but the standard logo remains the same.


Another highly respected and re known brands of the world and the logo of Mercedes has become the symbol of luxury and pride. The ultimate luxury cars bare this its logo and adds the class to your lifestyle. The logo is metallic  circular shape bearing and three edged star which is completely elegant and looks splendid on your car. The star depicts it invincible charactersticks over the sea, air and land.


Toyota is another manufactures of cars and they are known for their tough and cars and the logo of the company is easily recognized where seen seen. The logo is actually two parallel ovals depicting the high quality and customers satisfaction .The corporate colors are red and white with a simple and sleek font written Toyota making the message and company identity very clear and readable



Olympic games that are conducted after every four years have a very nice logo and is probably the most famous ones in the world. the logo contains five rings interlocking each other, the colors are red, blue, green. black and yellow. The ideas behind using all these colors were that the combination of these colors would make the colors of the flag of those nations that participate in Olympic games.



Nike is a famous and luxury brand of men sports wear and accessories.The logo is again very simple which is a wing of goddess of mores appears to be a tick mark and i am sure most of the people would take it as a tick mark which it is not actually. The swoosh of the Nike is one logo that can be recognized with even closed eyes! The swoosh has become a style statement and worn very proudly by men of all ages.



LG has very interesting logo very artistically making a face with the letter G which covers the smile, hair and its wink while the L letter makes its nose.  The usage of the letter L and G in the logo makes people assume that it stands for life good which is actually the company’s tagline and the letters actually abbreviates Lucky Gold star.


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