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Samsung officially introduced its much anticipated smartphone of the year 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 on 14th March 2013 in Radio City Music Hall, New York.The much hyped smartphone was unveiled neither at CES 2013 nor at MWC 2013 as Samsung may wanted to leave the last impression after Sony, HTC, LG, NOKIA & all other manufacturers are done showcasing their devices.Samsung S4 is claimed to be the Next Big Thing by Samsung & I am presenting to you the features of this all in one smartphone which can justify this title for Samsung Galaxy S4.



Samsung Galaxy S4 side by side with Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S4 looks exactly alike S3 when you look at it for the first time but the differences start to emerge when you compare both these devices side by side.The side buttons are pretty much positioned in the same way as in S3. You can differentiate S4 from S3 by taking a look at their back sides, in S4, camera is positioned in the middle with flash just below it & the speakers at the bottom.



Samsung Galaxy S4 will be processed by 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 quad core & 1.6 GHz Exynos 5 octa core processors in different geographies, yes Samsung will introduce two versions in market but it is not yet stated by Samsung that which market will get which version.The amazing thing lies in the composition of Octa cores which are made up of 4 A15 cores for processing of heavy tasks & 4 A7 cores to handle lighter aspects of S4. This composition of cores is 70% more efficient.



The most useful & my favorite feature amongst the newest on offer by Samsung Galaxy S4 is Smart Pause. It automatically pauses the video when you look away from your device screen & resumes the video when you look at the screen again. It makes use of the eye recognition technology which was also seen in S3 but not in that much useful way.



S4 is displaying full HD 1080p 5 inches screen with 441ppi. The ppi of S4 is equal to SONY XPERIA Z,greater than S3 but a bit less than HTC ONE. S4 is bigger than S3 by only 0.2 inches but the display is improved due to the possession of FULL HD 1080p display compared to S3 720p 4.8 inches. S4 has the same Super Amoled display which was also seen in S3. In comparison to HTC ONE, Samsung has used AMOLED display whereas HTC ONE has SLCD display.



Samsung Galaxy S4 is operated on the latest version of Android operating system, Jelly Bean 4.2.2.



This feature allows you to make certain gestures such as swapping your hand without touching the screen from one side to another to browse through pictures available in Gallery. You can also use it when browsing web to go through different pages.



S4 13 MP rear camera is far better in taking low light scenes than S3’s 8 MP. The front camera is of 2 MP compared to S3’s 1.9 MP. On the competitive side, HTC ONE has a unique 4 ULTRA PIXEL which claims to generate 400% better results in low light whereas S4 has adopted some unique ways of snapping objects using Dual Shot modes & many other exciting templates in camera mode.



Using this feature you can share music,pictures & videos with up to eight Samsung Galaxy S4 devices which means you can play any song in your S4 & then share to play it on the other devices so that they can act as speakers. Games can also be played between multi users depending on how much games are multi player.



Samsung Galaxy S4 is built with a polycarbonate plastic similar to S3 which on one side reduces the weight of the device but on another end, also gives a cheap plastic feel when S4 is compared to HTC ONE who has a splendid aluminum body which gives this high end smartphone a premium feel. On the build side of S4 & HTC ONE, HTC ONE is surely a beauty contest winner.



Among the new features of Samsung Galaxy S4 is Air View which is based on hovering your finger an inch away from the screen & the screen will carry out functions which you do by actually touching it. You may be wondering if you can bring finger close enough to screen then why can’t you go to touch it, well this can answered by thinking of the time when you are having any meal & you don’t want to leave screen dirty, in that case you can make use of this feature. One practical example is when you hover your finger in Flipboard app, it will pop up a preview listing the last 5 updates of that topic & you can select one by bringing your finger more close to screen.



Samsung Galaxy S4 is an all-rounder when it comes to storing your media. First it has internal storage options of 16, 32 & 64 GB, apart from that it also has micro SD slot for external memory card which can support up to 64 GB. When compared to HTC ONE, S4 is a winner because HTC ONE does not has any external storage support & its built in storage is only of 32 GB.



It allows you to simultaneously show surroundings during a video call using both front & rear cameras.



S4 will have a pre installed text input keyboard SwiftKey which can guess what your next word would be & also suggest frequently used words when composing messages & emails.



Samsung Galaxy S4 is backed up by 2600 mAh battery which is better than 2100 mAh seen in S3 & 2300 mAh of HTC ONE. Another edge S4 has over HTC ONE is that it’s battery can be removed allowing you to carry an extra battery if you are a super tech freak.



This feature is also a part of eye recognition technology which allows you to read web pages without touching the screen as it can scroll up & down the web page for you when you tilt the device.



Samsung has also included this fitness app so that you can get information about your health & well being by counting the calories you have burnt, steps you have taken while jogging, distance you have covered by running & many other features.



This another new feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 enables you to record videos & pictures from both the front & back camera at the same time. It means if you are recording a video using back camera you can also put yourself into the video using the front camera & the same can be done when taking pictures.



HTC has been in close competition with Samsung when it comes to offering Mobile Android devices.Right after the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC tweeted about S4 by calling it THE NEXT BIG FLOP. A day later,HTC North America president said that they are pleased to see no innovation in Samsung Galaxy S4.



In less than a day, phones4u received a record number registration requests to get first hand information about the confirmed pricing & availability date for S4 which is outperforming requests received for S3 by 40%.



Samsung has also adopted this feature which was seen after a long time, recently in HTC ONE. By installing WatchON app on your S4 & utilizing IR BLASTER, your Samsung Galaxy S4 can act as a universal TV remote controller which can pretty much functional on almost every TV set. If you are wondering what is the use of remote control in a smartphone, remember the time when you loose your TV remote, you can call your smartphone but can’t call remote control.



Samsung just didn’t only increased the number of pixels in S4 camera but also brought innovation in ways through which you can create memories of life time. Among many camera modes, S4 has Eraser Shot which can remove unnecessary objects like a passer by from the background in a family photograph. Sound Shot allows you to record a nine second audio clip to go with the picture which is saved as a gif file. Similar features are also present in HTC ONE.



This feature can translate any text found on your smartphone including emails.



Samsung has a reputation of copying Apple when it comes to announcing their devices. Keeping that view in mind & to reduce the boredom attendees feel at launch events, Samsung adopted a unique style of making impression during the announcements of key features of S4 by acting out how certain features could be used in real life. The journalists were not impressed at all by this approach & were confused as to what was happening in front of their eyes. Whether a good or a bad, Samsung has surely left the impact which will be remembered for a long time.



Samsung Galaxy S4 is due to arrive in markets on 26 April 2013.



HTC was in full swing outside Radio City Music Hall which was the venue for the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4. They were trying hard to distract people by giving special discount coupons & Pringles potato chips in HTC printed cans.



No official word has been said by Samsung on the price of this device but speculating from features & industry trend, it is anticipated that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be priced around $249 with a two year cellular contract.

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  • Hassam Mughal

    You missed one of the main points, it’s slimnes!! its more slim than s3 and samsung is best at providing slim and smart gadgets!!

    • mowaisuddin

      yes its slim by 0.7mm from S3 but Huawei Ascend P1 has the world’s slimmest smartphone, ASCEND P1 which 6.68mm thin.So as far as slimness is concerned, i think Samsung didnt even come closer to Ascend thinness. I tried to highligh those features which samsung has improved or even maintained with industry trend.

      • Mia Blackwood

        Sounds good. Then I can accidentally break it with my hand. Also it sounds like a Chinese phone which can’t even be bought in America.

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